Sunday, 18 April 2010

the night the toys came alive!!

setting up the inside for the toy exhibition!
The theme of the exhibition was , The Night The Toys Came Alive.'
We stuck to a palette of white, browns, blues and golds. We hung fabric as clouds and laser cut objects and monsters, to create a nice shadow play.
these are some of the images from the exhibit.

setting up our little corner
the final set up at nightin the day

the posters, stickers, adoption certificate and badges

growing plants with tiny visitor

watering dudes

seed bags
rock garden creature
the drimiopsis guy
bhindi guy
mint guy
water cabbage guy
chilli guy

possible set up for the exhibit

Thursday, 8 April 2010

The official play plants web site!!

We have completely forgotten to mention that we have changed the name from kids and plants to play plants. which is also the name of our new website! The website is meant to be a place where we put all the extra information which is really interesting and important and that didn´t fit on to the poster, and where you can ask questions about your plant and just find new interesting information on different plants in general.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

vegetables in the patch!

In the break i decided to go to shibumi to do a quick check on their vegetable garden.
The plants in the vegetable garden seem to be growing so well at shibumi. The kids are thrilled to be using lettuce , tomatoes and spring onions in their cooking and are now waiting for the cucumbers to come.
Next they want to try a hand at carrots and re-grow the sunflowers that never grew.

watering the singapore cherry that has grown 3 inches since Anuj and Rajat planted it, despite being attacked by sheep once.
in the vegetable patch

the lettuce has gone so tall!

carefully taking out seeds from the pods to save them for growing again.

the tomatoes!

cucumber and pumkin

spring onions

the mustard grows amazingly!

Rajats mustard has been growing really well!