Thursday, 22 July 2010

Cedrus Deodara, Manali Nature Park

In Manali there is a small, but really magical nature park, that stretches all the way from New to Old Manali. The most dominant tree in this park is the Deodar Cedar or Cedrus deodara. It is an amazing, huge tree, which grows very straight. I was told that this tree never points its branches directly towards the other Cedars around it! I checked, and its true!! This is quite an extraordinary tree and very beautiful too. Simply fascinating... I figuered a tree like this had to have some religious significance so I looked it up and it turns out that Deodara is derived from deodaru, which is a Sanskrit term meaning: wood of the gods. In Hindu religion the tree is worshipped as a divine tree. And apparently forrests like this one, full og Deodar Cedars, were favorite living- and meditation places for shivaites. The tree also has several ayurvedic propereties. But all this information seems evident to you when you are standing next to it. A truly magical tree...

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